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I can’t say it like I sing it and I can’t sing it like I feel it and I don’t feel a thing.

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I’m moving into my new place this evening. I’m going to have my own office, my own space. What am I most excited about?
Choosing furniture?
Throwing huge Gatsbyesque gala events?
Committing quiet murders with no outsiders to interfere?
Nope. It’s collecting comics again.
I can’t wait to cast off my 5 year fast on owning possessions.

For those who don’t know, 5 years ago I decided to get rid of everything, all property besides 100 inventoried possessions. I would keep only what I needed or truly loved. It was liberating and allowed me to set out and carve the jagged Kerouac path of wandering adventure that has been the last few years of my life. At one point last year, all of my worldly property fit in one backpack, allowing me to shamble, unfettered after people and places that interested me. I’ve slept on trains, I’ve been in films, I’ve played poker with Tom Selleck. I’ve sat quietly by a window in Delaware everyday for a month, watching a pond freeze over and finishing a screenplay.

I’ve loved hard, Ive risked all and won, and i’ve risked all and lost, repeatedly. I now have friends in New York, Japan, Washington DC, England, Hollywood, Portland, New Orleans and so many right here at home…Fresno.

I’ve made music on supermarket rooftops in the dead of night and in abandoned buildings packed with fans. I’ve made enemies, I’ve made stories. I regret nothing. If you have the nuts and the lack of connections to do it yourself, I say do it…sell it all and go for a walk. I got to know myself, and the people who didn’t want me when I was a child were idiots. I’m a good kid.

But now I’m ready to have a damn address and a shelf to put my comics. So what excites me most about the new place? (Besides having more time with my love, Shelli) All I can think about is which titles I’m going to start collecting.

I’ve started collecting Frank Cho’s Savage Wolverine, and Mark Millar/Frank Quitely’s new book Jupiter’s Legacy. But I think The Flash might go on the docket too. Any suggestions?

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KICKSTART MY HEEART! (say you love me again)

Alright, alright. All Toni Braxton aside, we’ve just launched our kickstarter campaign to help fund my new web series “Groupies” and I’m twitchy with nerves. 

What’s a kickstarter campaign you ask?

Well, first off… you are a troglodyte* and I love you for it, because I still rock a “Captain Kirk flip phone” and I use it for “Actually talking to people” which pisses them off because it interrupts their texting. Whatevskies.

What’s a troglodyte you ask?

*One who dwells in caves. 

I feel you, I really do. I appreciate the natural avoidance of trendy, hip new shit…Like kickstarter and buffalo wild wings. But today I need you to put down your Zima, turn off your Hootie and the Blowfish CD for a damn second and climb into the light of 2013 with me so I can hip you to the swing of things and passionately ask you for some help.

Kickstarter is a way for artists and creatives to talk to the world about their ideas and ask the world if they want to help make them a reality. People visit kickstarter.com just to help fund cool projects they believe in.

So what do I want from you, you ask?

I wrote a screenplay and I think its good enough to film and release online. So I made a kickstarter campaign to tell people about it. (see where this is going?)

If you have the inclination please check it out (by clicking the above link) and if you feel like supporting our project you can make a pledge OR just share it with your online pals on Google + or the real world even.

You are ALL my favorite,

-Uncle Boney

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